Accordion Doors

From security to privacy, accordion doors, also commonly referred to as collapsible walls, or folding walls or doors, are a great solution for dividing up large spaces. At Preferred Window & Door, we are proud to now offer accordion door installation for our customers in South Cook County, Illinois, and Lake County, Indiana, as well as those homes and businesses in northern Illinois and northwest Indiana.

What Are Accordion Doors?

Accordion doors refer to a long span of “wall” that is pleated with multiple vertical folds. Manually, or with the touch of a button for automatic systems, the “door” will fold along these vertical creases. The name of this type of wall or door is derived from the similarity in design to that of an accordion’s bellows when it opens and closes. When the doors close, they divide a room into two distinct and separate rooms or areas. Businesses and organizations that benefit from, and for which we have installed collapsible walls, include convention centers, retirement homes, community centers, catering facilities, churches, and schools.

The Benefits of Accordion Doors

There are many benefits to accordion doors, and they are used by myriad business and organization types. The most obvious benefit is that they allow for a large space to be shared when necessary, or used in full when necessary. For example, a church may partition off – with the help of accordion doors – a section of its hall for different services or activities, or a restaurant may use accordion doors to set up a separate “party room” on certain nights, and then open the doors to allow space for regular seating on others. In many studio apartments, accordion doors may be used to divide the bedroom area from the main living area. These types of doors are also common in small offices where a private space is required for working.

Accordion doors are also easy to install and maintain, and requires far less time, money, and work than would a renovation in which an actual wall would be installed to act as a barrier. They are a much more economic option than are some other space-dividing solutions.

Further, accordion doors can add aesthetic appeal to a space as well. Available in a variety of colors and materials, collapsible walls are anything but drab. In fact, accordion doors can even be installed with intricate patterns and decorative panel inlays, with frosted glass, in wood, and more.

Accordion Doors from Preferred Window & Door

At Preferred Window & Door, we offer collapsible wall/accordion door installation of Panda Window & Door manufactured products. These high quality doors hold up against the years, and are manufactured to be strong and durable.

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