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Home and business owners often have difficulty saving energy, keeping indoor temperatures comfortable, and keeping pests and debris outdoors, especially when foot traffic is high. To mitigate all of these concerns and more, an air curtain is the ideal solution. For air curtain installation, repair, and maintenance needs, call the South Cook County, IL and Lake County, IN professionals at Preferred Window & Door today.

An air curtain, also known as an air door, is an invisible current of air that delivers a constant flow of air across the entire width of an opening, be it a door, window, or garage door. Air curtains are used by a variety of industries, and are usually installed above entrance doors.

Why You Need an Air Curtain

The constant flow of air across the width of an opening has multiple benefits. Specifically, many industries and businesses rely on air curtain as a method of maintaining indoor temperatures (thereby increasing employee productivity and keeping customers comfortable), saving energy losses that are caused by the constant opening and closing of windows and doors, keeping bugs and dirt from entering a building, and keeping conditions clean and sanitary. Air curtains are even effective enough to use for large commercial-sized refrigerators and freezers to maintain temperatures.

Unlike other methods of achieving the above benefits, air curtains are extremely sanitary, cost-effective, efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe. Furthermore, air curtains are also much more attractive than other methods of maintaining indoor temperatures or keeping out bugs and dirt, such as plastic strips. Additionally, the use of plastic strips is not realistic in many industries, is not nearly as effective, and requires replacement over time.

Industries and Businesses that Benefit from Air Curtains

Nearly all businesses and industries can benefit from using an air curtain. In fact, even homeowners who want to maintain indoor temperatures while also keeping bugs out can use air curtains. Some popular locations for air curtains include:

  •   Grocery stores
  •   Hospitals
  •   Shopping centers
  •   Restaurants
  •   Drive-through businesses
  •   Concession windows
  •   Indoor/outdoor bars
  •   Warehouses
  •   Storage facilities
  •   Commercial establishments
  •   Industrial facilities

While we primarily use air curtains that are supplied by Berner International Corp. or Powered Aire Inc., we can help you find an air curtain that’s right for you, no matter your commercial or residential need.

Air Curtain Installation, Repair & Maintenance

If your business is looking for an effective solution to high energy bills, uncomfortable temperatures, and constant dirt, debris, insects, and bugs within your facility, you should consider installing an air curtain. At Preferred Window & Door, we can help you to determine which air curtain model is right for you. If your business already had an existing air curtain that is deteriorating with age, we can also perform maintenance, or replace an existing air curtain if necessary. Our professional team prides itself on having the skill set to do it all.

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