Overhead Door Repairs

Essentially garage doors, commercial overhead doors are large doors that are designed to work just as hard as you are. Coming in different sizes, styles, and materials, these doors are most common at warehouses and industrial facilities.

Most of the time, overhead doors are used on a daily basis and are absolutely critical for moving products, vehicles and other items in and out of the facility in which they’re being stored. Which is why if your commercial overhead doors are functioning properly, you need to seek repairs immediately – you cannot afford a total breakdown, or worse, an accident.

For immediate repair services that you can trust, call Preferred Window and Door today. We have been serving our commercial partners in Illinois and Indiana for more than 20 years.

Signs that You Need Commercial Overhead Door Repairs

There are some clear warning signs that it’s time to invest in commercial overhead door repairs. If you notice any of the following, don’t attempt to resolve the issue yourself and don’t simply ignore the problem; instead, call our company for fast and trusted repair services.

  • Shaking overhead door. If the overhead door is shaking or wobbling as it opens or closes, this could be a sign of a bigger problem and could mean that the garage door–if repairs are not made–is at risk of crashing down, causing a serious accident.
  • Falling overhead door. If the overhead garage door falls or crashes closed, you know you have a serious problem.
  • Refusal to open or close. If the overhead door won’t open or close when directed to, you could have a problem as minor as a dead battery or as serious as a broken spring or cable. We can help.
  • Screeching when opening or closing. While a commercial overhead door that makes a lot of noise when opening or closing could just mean that the door needs a little lubrication, it’s always best to have the problem checked by a professional.
  • Damaged overhead door panels. Finally, if the overhead door has suffered visible physical damage, such as cracked or dented panels, repairs are necessary.

Top Reasons to Call Preferred Window and Door for Commercial Overhead Door Repairs

If you’re looking for an overhead door repair company near you, we are your business of choice. Top reasons to call our team includes:

  • Over 20 years’ experience. We have more than 20 years’ worth of experience serving commercial businesses in Illinois and Indiana and repairing commercial overhead doors. We know what we’re doing, and have great results and client testimonials behind our name.
  • We offer emergency repair services. We know that getting things back in working condition is critical for business operations. Which is why you can always count on us to offer emergency repair services for our commercial partners.
  • We use the best products. We use the best products, equipment, and practices when repairing garage doors. Our repair services are designed to last.
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