Bullet-Resistant Glass

Bullet-resistant, also known as bullet-proof or ballistic glass, can provide an enhanced level of security and protection when the threat of crime is high. Often ideal in neighborhoods where criminal activity is more common, such as areas of Chicago, many business types – including gas stations, jewelry stores, embassies, banks, police departments, fast food restaurants, hotels, and even schools – choose this type of glass for security and peace of mind. Ballistic glass can save lives, and we take the installation of this glass type very seriously, using only the highest quality products and the best installation practices.

How Does Bullet-Resistance Glass Work?

One of the best features about ballistic glass is that it is clear and transparent, resembling a standard panel of glass or window. When the glass is struck with a high level of force, ranging from being hit by a baseball bat (for break in purposes) or shot with a bullet, its elasticity allows the glass to flex rather than shatter.

It should be noted that the glass is not completely impenetrable; the thicker the glass, the stronger it will be, and therefore the more force it will resist. We can assist your business in understanding the different types of ballistic glass and which type is most appropriate for your business and location in Illinois or Indiana.

Ballistic glass is constructed using layers of laminated glass that is reinforced with a polycarbonate. When more layers of glass are used, the thicker the glass and the stronger the resistance to force. In addition to layers of glass, a polycarbonate is used to resist abrasion and keep the glass from scratching or showing other visible signs of damage.

Our Bullet-Resistant Glass Products

We realize that your security is a top priority. If you have business or organization that is at high risk of break in or other crime, including a shooting, we want to help keep you protected. We offer a wide array of bullet-resistant glass products, including:

  • Bullet-proof doors;
  • Bullet-proof glass;
  • Bullet-proof windows;
  • Bullet and force-resistance paneling; and
  • Reinforced security frames and doors.

We choose all of our ballistic glass and other security products using the best standards in manufacturing, only using the highest quality and most durable products. Our products are dependable, providing you, your employees, and your customers with the long-lasting protection that you’re looking for.

Working with Preferred Window & Door

When you work with Preferred Window & Door, you’re choosing a company that you can trust. We have more than 20 years’ worth of experience serving businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations in Illinois and Indiana, and know how to exceed customer expectations. Our uncompromising quality standards not only keep you safe and provide you with peace of mind, but they also allow you to rest-assured that you’ll be set for years to come. We can install, repair, and maintain bullet-proof glass, and can also assist your business with a variety of other window and door needs, including steel doors and security doors.

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