Drive-Thru Windows

The Benefits of Drive-Thru Windows

The concept of the drive-thru goes back as far as 1931, and became popular when In-N-Out revolutionized the idea in 1948. Today, drive-thrus are integral to the fast-food experience. But while the drive-thru may have started as a unique way to attract business by promising customers that they would have their food served to them without delay, and without having to exit the vehicle, today, the drive-thru window serves myriad other purposes, and is not limited to fast food alone. Some of the benefits of drive-thru windows today include:

  • Employee or teller security;
  • Transaction draws that can be used to pass materials safely (usually for banks);
  • Enhanced businesses security when reinforced with bullet-resistant glass or security doors; and
  • Marketing – studies show that drive-thru design heavily influences what customers order.

Drive-thrus are becoming so popular that they are used by more than just fast food restaurants. In addition to banks – which also have been using the drive-thru model for years – coffee shops and fast-casual restaurants have also implemented drive-thrus.

Why Choose Preferred Window & Door for Your Drive-thru Window Services

The functionality and security of your drive-thru window may be critical to your business’s success. At Preferred Window & Door, we understand that drive-thru windows are important, and whether you are interested in new drive-thru window installation or need something repaired, you want the job done fast. We can promise:

  • Professional and fast installations;
  • All jobs performed by our own, highly skilled and trained employees;
  • High quality materials and best practices for installation;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • High value;
  • 24-hour emergency services for all fast food restaurants within our service area, and a one-hour service guarantee.

We also have the ability to install and maintain all types of drive-thru windows, ranging from a basic window for fast food services to security windows, windows equipped with transaction doors, walk-up windows, concession windows, mounted air curtains on windows (to maintain temperatures and reduce pests), and ballistic glass. We have a huge collection of windows, styles, and colors to choose from.

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