Gate Operators

Nobody wants to worry about their gate. They expect that an automatic gate will be hassle-free and work when needed. However, just like any other device, issues do happen from time to time. With so many parts involved, one is bound to malfunction at any given time.

The good news is that many issues are minor and can be fixed on your own. A battery change or quick fix may be all that’s needed. Some issues, however, are a bit more complicated and require the assistance of a professional.

If you are having gate issues, Preferred Window and Door is here to help. We incorporate automated gate operation with access controls on many condo buildings throughout Illinois. We also have experience fixing gate operators on U-Lock type storage facilities in the suburbs as well. Preferred Window and Door also cuts concrete and asphalt to install loop detectors for activation. If you need a specialized automated gate installed or simply need repair, contact us today and our friendly and certified staff will get your gate working in no time.

Common Gate Issues

If your gate is not opening, the remote control may be to blame. Changing the battery may be all you need to do to get your gate up and running again.

Gates also suffer from power supply issues often. If none of the parts are functioning, then it’s likely a power issue. The gate’s breaker may have shut off during a power outage. You may also have a broken solar panel or disconnected wire. Depending on your level of electrical expertise, you may be able to handle some of these issues on your own.

If you have a sliding gate, there may be an issue with the track. Debris such as dirt, leaves and small sticks can cause a gate to not slide properly. Cleaning out the tracks should do the trick. Sometimes the track can be damaged, so repair from a professional may be needed.

Animal issues can also occur. Bugs and other pests like to make their homes inside control boxes. This can cause damage to gate components. Plus, critters such as rats may chew wiring, disabling your gate.

If your gate is not closing, you may want to check the Hold Open control. This feature allows the gate to stay open. If you disable this feature, the gate should close properly.

If your gate uses light sensors, they may not be working properly. Sensors can easily get coated with dirt, so make sure to clean them regularly.

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