Hollow Metal/Commercial Steel Entry Door

Commercial hollow metal doors may not be needed on your house, but they’re a must-have for any business. These doors offer many advantages over wood doors. They have excellent fire ratings, so they work well as exterior doors. They are well-insulated and often strong enough to be resistant to vandals. They are also very durable and last longer than wood doors—in many cases, 10 years longer.

Commercial hollow metal doors come in single-door and double-door models. There are a variety of options to choose from. You can opt for doors that feature small glass windows or doors that are made mostly from glass. You can also choose from doors with a louver and doors that are fire-resistant.

Preferred Window and Door can help you with your commercial door needs. Our installation process is not only professional but fast and efficient. At the same time, we use a detailed process to ensure your door is installed properly the first time. We can accommodate special needs and other requirements. We use our own employees and can work on jobs of all sizes. If you ever encounter an issue with our commercial steel entry doors, we offer emergency repairs. We are always prepared with a variety of tools and parts so that every repair and installation goes smoothly.

Considerations for Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

Commercial hollow metal doors can be made of several types of steel. There is cold-rolled, galvanized or “galvannealed” steel, which is a type of electroplated galvanized steel.

These doors come in various sizes to meet your needs. The typical door is 6’8” tall and can be as small as 2’ wide. Doors can be as wide as 4’ and as high as 8’, with various sizes in between.

If your business is an area where security is a concern, or you work in an industry where the door has the potential to be heavily abused, you may want to consider a vertically stiffened commercial door. These doors are heavier and sturdier than typical hollow metal doors. They are designed to stand up to high levels of abuse while keeping your business secure. They come with vertical stiffeners of various gauges that are 4” wide.

A commercial hollow metal door can be fitted with various locking options to keep your business secure. You can choose from cylindrical or mortise locksets, deadbolts, cane bolts, chain bolts, exit alarms and panic devices.

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