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Preferred Window and Door Installs Top Quality Chicago Airport Hangar Doors

Available for propellor planes, small scale jet planes, and more, airport hangar doors are a key component of safely and effectively storing your aircraft, whatever type it may be. When you contact Preferred Window & Door, you won’t have to worry about finding a door that will fit your aircraft hangar, or that provides optimal protection for the craft that your hangar is storing. We have more than 20 years’ worth of experienced constructing, installing, and repairing airport hangar doors in Illinois and Indiana, and are ready to meet with you to discuss your customized option today.

Custom-Built Airport Hangar Doors

At Preferred Window & Door, we use the best in airport hangar door technology and practices during our design and installation process. We have experience installing both bifold and hydraulic doors, using doors made by two of the best hangar door manufacturing companies in the business: Hi-Fold and Schweiss.

  • Bifold airport hangar doors. Schweiss manufactures bifold and hydraulic doors, both of which provide great options depending upon your hangar’s need, size, material, and more. Rather than using cable lift bifold doors, Schweiss relies on lift straps, which are safer and faster, reducing the risk of fraying and breaking. Today, the Schweiss bifold doors that we install use no cables, no clamps, and no pulleys, making them one of the best options – and the most technologically advanced – on the market today.
  • Hydraulic airport hangar doors. We also offer hydraulic airport hangar doors from both companies mentioned above. The benefit of hydraulic doors is that they provide an unbeatable combination of strength and durability. These one-piece door systems rely on hydraulic pumps (hence their name) in order to lift safely, quiety, and smoothly every time. These are the strongest doors on the market, with hinges that are guaranteed to last.

We Protect Your Long-Term Interests

The fact that we only use the highest quality bifold and hydraulic airport hangar doors is proof of our commitment to customer satisfaction and superior experience. When you choose our company for airport hangar door installation, you will never have to worry about a door falling off its hinges, collapsing, or otherwise failing to open, leaving you unable to get your aircraft out of its hangar. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with low-quality doors made with inferior hinges, materials, or manufacturing practices. A calamity such as a door falling off of its hinges won’t just ruin your flight plans that day, but could put your hangar out of operation for weeks or months!

We Have the Experience and Team You’re Looking For

At Preferred Window & Door, not only do we use the best in materials and products, but we also have the years’ worth of experience, and the highly trained team members, that you are looking for. When you are hire our company, you can rest assured that the finished product will be a job well done. We have been serving customers in Illinois and Indiana for more than two decades, and are confident in our ability to install, maintain, and repair airport hangar doors for you.

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