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  • Do you currently use Preferred Window and Door to service your revolving door(s)?
  • If not; is your current provider licensed to service revolving doors?
  • Do they employ technicians who are certified to work on revolving door specifically?

A simple Google search for “revolving door injuries” is a sobering reminder that it is prudent to do everything in your power to limit your exposure when it comes to your revolving door. Preferred Window and Door continues to invest in licensing, training, and testing in order to employ licensed inspectors- specifically for revolving doors. As a building manager, you owe it to yourself and your clients to have only certified technicians work on your revolving door.

The best way to do that is to only use a company that is licensed to work on revolving doors in your municipality (City of Chicago license holder: Preferred Window and Door Inc. License# TGC015301) and employs door technicians whose revolving  door qualifications have been certified by an independent third party having authority, namely AAADM.

The Benefits of Revolving Doors

When you choose the professionals at Preferred Window & Door for your revolving door installation and service needs, you’re choosing a leader in the industry that’s committed to quality and customer satisfaction. When Theophilus Van Kannel submitted a patent for a “storm-door structure”—which would later become known as the revolving door—in 1888, it’s unlikely that he surmised that his invention would have such a major role in building construction today. (In fact, rumors have it that he invented the door as a way to avoid social obligations of the time, like opening the door for women). Regardless of its start, today, the revolving door has become an integral part of buildings’ entryways. Revolving doors are the ideal solution for mitigating bad weather and loud noise, conserving energy, and allowing multiple people to pass in and out at a given time.

Revolving doors in South Cook County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana serve many purposes and offer a multitude of benefits. For example, they are the perfect solution during months of poor weather, preventing snow, sleet, rain, and debris from entering a building. Due to their unique design, they also help to alleviate excessive outside noise.

Revolving doors also act as an airlock, which prevents drafts. Simultaneously, this preserves heating or/and cooling efforts within a building, thereby saving energy and leading to increased conservation.

Revolving doors can also help to guide traffic depending upon design, as some revolving doors are designed for one-way pedestrian traffic only. In some cases, revolving doors can also act as a type of security measure, particularly when designed for one person to enter at a time.

For your business or building project, revolving doors can be installed to provide architectural elegance, offer added security, act as an energy-saving measure, and more.

Installing and Servicing Revolving Doors in Illinois and Indiana

Revolving doors offer a unique way to control foot traffic, conserve energy, and even add aesthetic appeal to a building. At Preferred Window & Door, we sell and install Crane brand revolving doors.

Crane revolving doors can be manufactured and installed in dozens of different configurations in order to meet a variety of applications. Doors may be manual, automatic, or/and security. What’s more, Crane is one of the few revolving door manufactures in the world that continues to offer a fully-welded revolving door.

However, in addition to Crane installations and repairs, we also service the following revolving door brands:

  • Horton Automatics
  • Besam
  • KBB Group
  • Boon Edam
  • International Revolving Door

Revolving door maintenance and servicing is important; when doors are not serviced regularly, they may develop leakage in door seals. This leakage can undermine the effects of an airlock, leading to airflow and energy losses. Regular maintenance can also help to ensure that doors are safe for use and operating, as they should.

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