Brands of Revolving Doors

  • Do you currently use Preferred Window and Door to service your revolving door(s)?
  • If not; is your current provider licensed to service revolving doors?
  • Do they employ technicians who are certified to work on revolving door specifically?

If you search on the internet for “revolving door injuries” it will be very evident that you must do everything you can to limit your exposure when it comes to your revolving doors. You owe it to both yourself and your clients to have only qualified technicians working on your revolving door.

Using a company that is licensed to work on these types of doors is the best way to ensure that. Preferred Window and Door is licensed holder with the City of Chicago (License# TGC015301) and our revolving door technicians have been certified by an independent third party having authority, namely AAADM.


We hope that we are your first choice for revolving door servicing, maintenance, and repairs in Indiana or Illinois. If you have questions about our services or our prices, or are in need of emergency repairs, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us online, or you can call our offices directly at 708-895-3667. We have been in business for more than 20 years and have the experience that your company is looking for. Get in touch with us today!

For your business, revolving doors may provide the perfect solution for directing the flow of pedestrian traffic, conserving and maximizing energy, and even offering aesthetic appeal through unique design. Hospitals, retail stores, and large business centers all choose revolving doors as their go-to for their companies’ facades. That being said, revolving doors do break down and need maintenance, repairs, and replacement over time. If you have revolving door servicing needs in South Cook County, Illinois or Lake County, Indiana, call the team at Preferred Window & Door today.

The Brands Of Revolving Doors That We Service Include:

  • KBB Group. KBB is the first high-tech automatic door manufacturer in China. Despite their headquarters’ location, the company has become one of the world’s leaders in revolving doors. With doors in over 70 countries. We are happy to sell, repair, and service these doors.
  • Boon Edam. Boon Edam Doors – the headquarters of which is in the Netherlands – are popular in healthcare facilities, hotels, airports, and office buildings. We are an official sales, service and installing dealer for Boon Edam. If your business uses Boon Edam revolving doors, we stock most parts required in the event of a breakdown and need for repair.
  • Horton Automatics. Horton Automatics’ doors are one of the most common door types that we service. In business since 1970, Horton Automatics was behind the development of the first automatic sliding door in the country, and has remained a leader in the industry. Horton Automatics is one of the many brands that we have extensive experience and training to service.
  • Crane. Crane revolving doors are used in hundreds of business throughout the country and are available in automatic, manual, and security styles. We appreciate these doors because they are created with quality craftsmanship, and are built to last. We currently supply and install Crane doors and stock many replacement parts, including weatherstrip, for these doors
  • Besam. Calling itself the world’s most “complete supplier or entrance automation,” Besam is currently owned by Assa Abloy Entrance Systems. While we do not find many Besam revolving door in the Chicagoland area, our technicians are trained to service them.
  • International Revolving Door. Last but not least on the list is International Revolving Door. Started in 1907, International Revolving Door is the oldest manufacturer of revolving doors in the world. After a brief closure of the business, International Revolving Door began production once again in 2015, and we are now able to obtain OEM parts to service this door brand.
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