Replacing Weatherstripping in Revolving Doors

If you search for “revolving door injuries” on Google or another search engine, it is a very sobering reminder of how prudent it is to do everything you can in order to limit your exposure when it comes to your revolving door.  Preferred Window and Door remains a top company in the Chicagoland area as we invest in licensing, training and testing to employ experienced and licensed inspectors for revolving doors.

You owe it to both yourself and your clients as a business manager to only have the best technicians – those who are certified – working on your revolving door. The best way to go about that is to only use a licensed company that only employs technicians that are certified in revolving doors by AAADM.

Revolving doors are the most efficient door type for businesses in Illinois and Indiana. Not only do these doors help to direct the flow of traffic, but they are also extremely energy efficient, saving more money on heating and cooling costs than other door types. Additionally, revolving doors also keep debris from entering a building, keep space looking as nice as it feels temperature wise.

One of the critical aspects of revolving door efficiency is weatherstripping. Weatherstripping seals air leaks by eliminating space under or between doors, and comes in a variety of different materials. When weatherstripping is cracked or aged, it is not as effective at keeping out air, bugs, pests, and dirt.

At Preferred Window & Door, our revolving door specialists know the importance of weatherstripping replacement over time.  When the weatherstripping on your revolving doors is no longer doing its job, call our team for a fast solution.

What Makes Us Different?

One thing that set us apart is that we STOCK weatherstrip for revolving door, so that we can save wasted service calls and wasted time and money waiting for replacement weatherstrip.

We are revolving door specialists, and replacing weatherstripping on revolving doors for commercial businesses in Illinois and Indiana is just one of our areas of expertise. In addition to our more than two decades’ worth of experience, one of the things that sets us apart when it comes to revolving doors and weatherstripping are the high quality materials that we use.

In fact, one of the weatherstripping products that we often use for weatherstripping replacement jobs is manufactured by Besam, a company that still uses actual horsehair to make their weatherstrip. The horsehair is taken from the mane of the horse, and is used as a brush seal between the door and the cylinder it rotates in. Horsehair brush strip is commonly used on revolving doors, as the natural fiber provides a stronger, more substantial seal.

Why Should I Replacing Revolving Door Weatherstripping?

Replacing weatherstripping on revolving doors has the potential to be an expensive project, and as such, many business owners wonder or not it is worth doing. The truth is, however, that not replacing the weatherstripping defeats one of the biggest purposes of having a revolving door in the first place: reducing energy expenditures. By choosing Preferred Window & Door for replacement weatherstripping for your company’s revolving doors, you are making a one-time investment that will last for months to come. We use the most durable weatherstripping materials so that you can rest assured that it will stand the tests of time and get you through the coldest of Indiana’s and Illinois’ winters and the hottest of summers.

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