Revolving Door Inspection & Service/Repair

For commercial properties in the Chicagoland area and Lake County, Indiana, revolving doors provide a practical solution for directing the flow of foot traffic, keeping debris out of inside areas, and controlling heating and cooling costs. However, when not properly inspected, maintained, serviced, and repaired, revolving doors can also be a hazard to your clients, and a liability issue for you as well. To ensure that everyone is as safe as possible, that your doors are working as they are intended to, and that you are not losing money on energy costs due to a revolving door malfunction, call the professionals at Preferred Window & Door for all of your revolving door inspection and serving needs.

  • Do you currently use Preferred Window and Door to service your revolving door(s)?
  • If not; is your current provider licensed to service revolving doors?
  • Do they employ technicians who are certified to work on revolving door specifically?

Doing a simple search on Google for “revolving door injuries” is a reminder that it is very important to do everything possible to limit your exposure when it comes to your revolving door. Our company continually invests in training and licensing in order to only employ licensed revolving door inspectors. It is essential that you only have certified revolving door technicians work on your door.

The best way to go about this is to make sure to make sure to only use a company that is specifically licensed to work on revolving doors in your municipality and makes it a priority to employ certified revolving door technicians that have their qualifications confirmed by AAADM (City of Chicago license holder: Preferred Window and Door Inc. License# TGC015301).

Revolving Door Inspection

Not only is a revolving door inspection something that you should do, in some cases, it may be required under the law. For example, in Chicago, city code section 13-20-260 reads that all revolving doors “shall be inspected” when doing so would serve public safety.

When you call the team at Preferred Window & Door, you are making an economical decision that can help to prevent disasters later on. As part of our inspection, we can also perform basic revolving door maintenance and upkeep upon request. This may include lubricating the revolving door, adjusting revolving door hardware, and ensuring that all moving parts are functioning appropriately. In the event that we find any problems during the inspection, we will quickly provide you with everything you need to know about seeking repairs.

Revolving Door Service and Repair

Repairing your revolving doors is not a task that you should attempt to do on your own; doing so can not only be dangerous, but may also be a more costly endeavor than it would be otherwise. When you call our revolving door service professionals, we will:

  • Quickly diagnose the problem you are facing;
  • Provide you with a quote regarding the cost of repairs;
  • Acquire the necessary parts as soon as possible; and
  • Make sure that your door is corrected in a timely manner and at an affordable rate.

Our experienced revolving door staff is skilled at all steps of the process. From diagnosing the problem to employing a solution that works, we have your needs covered.

Do Not Take Risks With Revolving Doors

If you have revolving doors on your property, taking risks can be costly, dangerous, and a major headache. Rather than leaving it up to chance, make sure that your revolving doors undergo annual inspections and maintenance, and that all necessary repairs are executed quickly and efficiently. If you do notice a problem with your revolving doors, we encourage you to reach out to a revolving door service professional immediately.

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