High Speed Doors

High speed doors, specifically, high speed roll-up doors manufactured by Dynaco, can be an ideal addition for your business. Installed, maintained, and repaired by the experienced door team at Preferred Window and Door, here’s what you need to know about how high speed doors can improve your industrial practices, and why you should choose our company for all of your high speed door needs–

The Basics of High Speed Doors

High speed doors are roll-up doors that are safe, efficient, and protect people and goods. These doors have a soft and lightweight curtain that folds around an object (or person) that’s in the way, reducing the risk of damage and injury. What’s more, these doors can be equipped with automated sensors to prevent doors from closing when an object is in the way, preventing accidents from occurring.

High speed doors are used to keep stored goods and equipment safe. These doors protect against things like dust, moisture, dirt, wind, bad weather, humidity, extremely high temperatures, and other debris or factors that could affect product quality. Of course, these doors are also burglar-proof, so you never have to worry about your products and equipment being taken or accessed without your consent. The doors are called high speed because with a simple command, they will roll up within a matter of seconds, providing full access to the space beyond the door. A fantastic video published on the Dynaco website highlights how fast these doors open, and how safe they are should they come down on someone or something unexpectedly.  

The Benefits of High Speed Doors

Besides the fact that they open quickly and offer numerous safety advantages, there are a number of other reasons why high speed doors are beneficial for industrial businesses. Indeed, Dynaco high speed roll-up doors can:

  • Improve business efficiency
  • Increase the effectiveness with which materials are handled
  • Reduce energy losses
  • Maintain comfortable temperatures (by preventing cool or warm air from escaping depending upon the season and warehouse purpose)
  • Reduce the costs of door maintenance

In fact, Dynaco high speed doors are touted as being “self-repairing.” There are a number of industrial businesses that have chosen to use Dynaco high speed doors, including food processing companies.

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