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For businesses and organizations with heightened security needs, the entrance of an unauthorized user may not be a risk that you can afford. For these business, a security system that goes beyond key cards, access control, and turnstile installation may be a must. At Preferred Window and Door, we provide installation and repair services for the best security systems on the market today: security portals.

Circlelock Security Portal – Keeping Your Company Secure

For businesses that have heightened security needs, the Circlelock security portal is the best security solution. Looking like something out of a sci-fi movie, these doors are effective for three primary reasons:

  • They prevent entrance via tailgating. Entrance via tailgating refers to a situation in which an unauthorized user attempts to enter an area directly after an authorized user has been granted access, hoping to “tailgate” in just in the nick of time.
  • They prevent piggybacking. Piggybacking is similar to tailgating, except that instead of an unauthorized user entering immediately after an authorized user, an unauthorized user will enter at the same time as the authorized user. Our Circlelock security portals from Boon Edam prevent piggybacking thanks to a number of security systems, including weight detection sensors.
  • Integration with biometric user identification. Perhaps one of the most unique, high-tech, and most important security features of the Circlelock security portal is the fact that these portals can be integrated with biometric user identification. This means that the system will be able to recognize user-specific features, such as facial recognition and fingerprint analysis. This ensures that only those who have been given authorization–and not those who have simply obtained access cards or passcodes–will be able to enter a secure area.

Sustainable, Secure Systems that Provide You With Peace of Mind

Security portals not only provide the highest level of security available for businesses and organizations today, but they also provide an effective way of monitoring who comes in and out, gathering data, and controlling the flow of traffic. What’s more, security portals from Boon Edam are also designed with sustainability in mind, manufactured with materials from responsible suppliers, and are designed to minimize one’s carbon footprint.

Install Your Security Portal – Contact Preferred Window and Door Today

Security portals are highly advanced security systems that only provide access to a secure area after a user is cleared, ensuring that no one without proper authorization can enter your business. This is essential for companies, organizations, and research facilities with highly sensitive information and fears about security breaches.

At Preferred Window and Door, we specialize in the installation of security portals, including the Circlelock security portals manufactured by Boon Edam described above. These portals are the best on the market today, and will provide your company with the reassurance and peace of mind you’re looking for.

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