In 1994, Andy and Sheryl Birkett founded this family company in their home, and a 2000 sq. ft. garage they rented in Lynwood Il. At its founding, Preferred predominately served the residential market.

The company has continually transformed itself, and while it continues to be a major service provider in the residential window and door market, Preferred has also grown to be a leader in the commercial window and door market. In 2015 the company headquarters was moved to a newly renovated 18,000 sq. ft. facility on the south side of Chicago in Lynwood at the intersection of Rt. 83 and Rt. 30

In 2018 with over 50 employees, including Andy, Sheryl, their three sons; Bob, Dan, and Russ, Preferred Window and Door continues to grow. Due to their high level of customer service, Preferred has had great success throughout its history, and we anticipate many more successful years to come.

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