Keep Your Home Bug Free with New Windows and Doors


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Insects can invade your home and gain entry from all types of tiny holes and spots that you may not even realize. If you are seeing more and more bugs around your home, it is time to put a strategy into action to keep them out. A good place to start troubleshooting is with your windows and doors, as they are obviously the largest openings in any home. Sometimes, it’s necessary to repair or replace your windows and doors to fully keep the insects out of your home. Check out the checklist below for more tips.

  1. Start by thinking small. Bugs and insects, such as ants, can slip through even the smallest of cracks and crevices. Take time to survey your screens as well as window and door perimeters for any tiny points of entry. These areas can often be repaired with new weather stripping or caulk, but if the frames or structural elements are damaged, it’s often best to replace the windows or doors altogether.
  2. Moist areas need immediate attention. Bugs want water as well as food. Keep basements as dry as possible with well-maintained basement windows that keep out accumulating rain. Your windows should not leak or allow any moisture in: this is a sign that you need to replace them. 
  3. Think outside to protect the inside. Yard maintenance can help keep the number of bugs around your home down, so there are not as many around to get in. Clear dense brush and standing water from around your home. Clean out your window wells regularly to ensure that piles of leaves and water are not collecting bugs. 
  4. Replace broken windows. When your window’s glass panel breaks, it becomes an easy entryway for insects. Don’t leave the cracked window or a temporary cover on for too long. Get new glass panels as soon as possible to minimize pests. 
  5. Check your patio doors. These doors are almost always in the kitchen, which is a main attraction for hungry critters! An ill-fitting patio door that doesn’t close properly likely leaves cracks that bugs can squeeze through. Installing a new door that fits will help prevent bugs from coming inside. 
  6. Pet doors, while convenient, might not defend well against bugs. If your pet door is letting insects in, it may be time to completely replace it with a brand new, solid door.

Seal Up Tight With New Windows Or Doors

If the bug invasion at your home is too big, it may be time to start from scratch! At Preferred Window and Door, our professional team can install new windows and doors at your home, just like we have been since we first opened in 1994. Our family-lead crew can discuss with you exactly what you are looking for and need to ensure that your home looks great while keeping critters outdoors where they belong. 

On the window side, we can install new ones, repair old ones, or replace glass panels that can be a way for insects to get in. We work with so many types of windows that you are sure to find something that fits your needs and style. On the door side, we carry patio, fiberglass, security, storm, decorative glass, and entry doors.

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