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For homeowners living in Illinois and Indiana, the look, efficiency, and security of the doors on your property is no doubt a top priority. When doors that lead to outside aren’t strong and trustworthy, your home may be at risk. What’s more, if your doors are dated, the doors may be dragging down the value of your home, and if your doors are inefficient, you may be losing dozens every month in lost heating and cooling costs. At Prefered Window & Door, our experienced professionals know that residential door replacement is often a must. When it’s time to say goodbye to your current doors, we highly suggest residential fiberglass doors. We handle all aspects of residential fiberglass door installation and repairs, and are ready to serve you!

Why Are Fiberglass Doors Superior?

  • Fiberglass doors can be manufactured to look like wood. The fact that fiberglass doors can be manufactured to look like wood means that you get all of the benefits of wood’s aesthetic appeal without having to worry about rot, decay, or the associated expenses.
  • Multiple style and color options. One reasons that we – and many of the residential homeowners that we serve – prefer fiberglass doors is that these doors types are available in a multitude of different style and color options. Fiberglass doors can be made to look like any other door type that you want, and are stronger and more durable than wood or vinyl.

Because fiberglass doors are much more durable and withstand the tests of time when compared to other door types, they can also save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance and repair costs over the years.

Our Residential Fiberglass Door Services

We do more than just install new residential fiberglass doors for homeowners in Illinois and Indiana. We also remove current doors, and offer maintenance and repair services. We also offer emergency repairs, so that if you have an issue, you are guaranteed fast services to ensure your home and family are protected against the elements and any other dangers.

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