Basement Windows

When choosing a basement window, having an egress, or “escape” route, can be just as important as security. That is why the basement windows we use allow for everything—ventilation, security, and easy exit in case of an emergency.

New & Replacement Basement Windows

We offer basement window installation and replacement services for customers throughout Chicagoland, and we always provide the highest quality products. A tilt-in sash paired with reinforced Lexan (also called “Exolite”) allow for ventilation and security, while another sash is easily lifted and hung to the side. Serving as an exit in case of emergency, our basement windows also serve as egress windows, taking care of all your needs within this space.

Casement windows are commonly used in the basement because they help to maximize efficiency while providing natural light and properly ventilating this space. They are also an excellent choice for egress windows, as they can be quickly and easily cracked open in the event of an emergency.

Double-hung windows may not be as efficient as casement, but they offer other benefits. These types of windows are very stylish and their attractive look is easily maintained. Plus, they are easy to open, with lower and upper sashes that can be pulled open, making them ideal for egress windows.

Sliding windows are the least efficient of the three and can be quite drafty if precautions are not taken. However, they are also the easiest to open and close, making them a popular choice for meeting fire and building safety requirements.

Our Manufacturers

We offer our basement windows from trusted industry brands like:

  • Vanguard
  • Essentials
  • ProVia
  • Thermal Industries
  • And more

Ask our basement window installation experts for more great recommendations!

Why Choose Preferred Window and Door for Basement Windows in Chicagoland?

When you are in the market for any residential or commercial window, including a new or replacement basement window, contact us. Preferred Window and Door always starts with a FREE estimate of your project based on an appointment at your location, where our experienced estimators bring samples and discuss your needs thoroughly. Your windows are custom-built for your home and fabricated in-house according to the estimator’s exact measurements.

Our highly knowledgeable staff is expertly trained to assist you in finding the perfect basement or egress window style for any project and budget, and our installers are trained in the latest installation techniques to maximize the energy efficiency of your investment. There are many considerations to make when choosing windows for your home, and we’ll help you find the best fit.

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