“Wave Goodbye” to the Spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


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As readers may well know, there have been over 4,000 reported cases of the COVID-19 virus in the United States to date. Even more cases of the Coronavirus are likely in the coming days, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) expects that most of the US population will be exposed to the virus.

Places like hospitals, pharmacies, and food service facilities are in desperate need of ways to combat this virus and reduce the spread of germs while still maintaining accessibility during this crazy time in our world’s history. Messages repeating the importance of hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, sanitizing door handles and simply staying away are all very good things to do to fight against the spread of this virus. What if there was MORE that could be done?

What can be done to prevent the spread of COVID-19

What do bathrooms, waiting rooms, cafeterias, entrances and exits all have in common? They all have doors and door handles. Since nearly 80% of sickness causing germs is spread via hands, hand-hygiene is necessary and especially in places like hospitals and pharmacies, the germs grow more aggressively and the biggest culprit has, and continues to be, door handles. To reduce the spread of diseases, Preferred Window and Door offers touchless activation devices to help in safeguarding facilities, employees, and customers alike.

Introducing ‘Wave to Open’ Devices

‘Wave to Open’ touchless activation devices take away the fear of spreading germs. They are designed to reduce the spread of germs and to also improve accessibility. The device detects moving objects which then activates to automatically open the door. The devices can be used for doors, switches, water fountains and will remove a “touch point” where germs are most prevalent. ‘Wave to Open’ touchless activation devices can be adjusted so that the “detection zone” can be anywhere from 2-24 inches, depending on the need that exists. The touchless activation can also have an audible alert setting that can be turned on for higher security and also be put into a silent-mode for noise-sensitive environments.

Avoid having to touch doors with ease.

Hand washing and wiping down door handles are great things to do, but many are overlooking the simple and effective solution that touchless door activation devices can bring to any business. Especially within the healthcare industry, “touch points” and door handles are the breeding grounds with which diseases and viruses spread at astronomical rates.

While the COVID pandemic remains somewhat of a mystery as to how extensive it will evolve, it is safe to assume that the growing exposure will translate into many more people needing medical care at the same time. Touchless activation devices in places such as hospitals and pharmacies could be such a vital aid in helping to fight against the Coronavirus as well as other germs and diseases.

How can your business get a Wave to Open setup to help prevent COVID-19 and other virus spreads?

At Preferred Window and Door, we stock touchless wave plates that are compatible with any existing low-energy door. If you’re interested in utilizing this technology, give us a call to find out more or contact us through our website.

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