Counter Shutters

Counter shutters and rolling counter shutters, also often referred to as rolling counter doors, are the best way to guarantee your Chicago area business’s maximum security. Rolling counter shutters can be designed to provide security to openings both large and small, indoor and outdoors, and are perfect for a variety of business applications.

Why counter shutters?

Counter shutters offer a unique way to protect goods when not in use; these doors secure openings above counter spaces, creating a barrier that extends from the counter to the ceiling, and meeting either wall on left and right. Counter shutters can be used in a variety of industries and applications, including:

  • Commercial properties
  • Retail stores
  • Corporate environments
  • Public buildings

Counter shutters are often seen in food and other service businesses. Designed to be either automatic or manual depending upon preference and purpose, counter shutters are easy to operate. Furthermore, the rolling nature of counter shutters is also space saving in design.

Counter Shutter Specifications

Counter shutters can be made in a variety of sizes, gauges (thicknesses), and materials. When choosing your counter shutter, we recommended the series 6500 counter shutters line. . This counter shutter line, which includes the 6522, 6544, and 6566 models, offers the most in flexibility, security, and aesthetic design.

Choose between 22 gauge aluminum with gray, white, or galvanized slat finishes; 16 gauge extruded aluminum with a clear anodized finish; or 22 gauge stainless steel with a number four finish. All of the counter shutter types above feature mini flat slat types, and come in a maximum size of 14 feet, four inches by eight feet, four inches (14’4”x8’4”).  We also offer fire resistant counter shutters that offer additional protection. These doors are a good option when safety is equally as important as efficiency and style.

Choosing Between Steel and Aluminum Counter Shutters

Both steel and aluminum counter shutters can be manufactured and fitted to your specifications. Furthermore, both require little maintenance. However, steel tends to be heavier than aluminum, which can put more strain on a counter shutter system. On the other hand, aluminum is not as strong as steel, and may not be the preferred option if the intent is to protect valuables.

Why Preferred Window & Door is the Best Choice in Counter Shutter Installation

At Preferred Window & Door, we pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve been in the garage door and counter shutter industry for more than 20 years. If you need a counter shutter installed for your Crown Point, Cedar Lake, or Chicago-area business, turn to our team for experience that you can count on.

Choosing a counter shutter requires understanding your budget and your needs; we can help provide insight into both. What’s more, installing a counter shutter requires a unique skill set, precision, and dedication to the job – we understand all three, and are ready to get to work.

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